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Quality Control in the final product as well as the production process ensures the high standard and long service life of the WEMIX® products.

Our highly qualified response team consists of excellently trained staff and ensures rapid support around the clock. The modem link connection will reduce the necessity to send engineers.

Electrical problems can be resolved more easily. Time is money, and for WEMIX® it is essential the best and most competent service and support is available.

A well organised, fully equipped stock of spare parts in the main company, as well as stocks in our subsidiaries and dealer network ensures rapid response in order to avoid downtime. 

For WEMIX® the most valued asset is our satisfied ''customer''.

To ensure that help can be given quickly it is essential to provide WEMIX® staff with the plant or component machine-number when calling to report a problem.

We supply resident engineer for 3 months with every new plant bought from us after installation the plant to give full tanning of the operation, maintenance and how to use technical support.